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Education for all – Free and mandatory for any kids up to the age fourteen is the constitutional commitment in the Republic of India. The Parliament of Republic of India has passed Right to Education Act in 2009 through that it has become the basic right of all kids aged group 6-14 year. This website presents details of recent initiatives undertaken within this field in the Republic of India. It presents comprehensive statistics/publications on academic information. 

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We live our life concentrating on our Family. We should think about our Society, neighbor and Nation. 

If we love our countrywe should also love our countrymen.” – Ronald


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for all educationEFA: Goals and Objectives – Introduction

The goals and objectives of Education for all in Republic of India care as follows 


First and foremost universal enrollment of all kids, as well as ladies and persons belonging to scheduled Castes and scheduled Tribes.
Provision of primary school for all kids at intervals one km of walking distance. Accordingly primarily universal enrollment of all kids, as well as women and persons belonging to scheduled Castes and scheduled Tribes.

Provision of primary school for all kids at intervals one km of walking distance. Accordingly facility of non-formal educations. With the Intension of Improvement of magnitude relation of primary to higher grade school to a minimum of 1:2.


Reduction of dropout rates between categories I to V and that i to VIII to twenty and forty per cent respectively. Including Improvement of college facilities by revamped Operation chalkboard, to extend higher primary level additionally.


Above all, achievement of minimum levels of learning by close to all kids at the first level. In addition, introduction of this idea at the center stage on a large scale.


First, local level committee, with due representation to girls and lecturers. To help within the operating of primary education to administer its functioning and Improvement of the monitoring system for universalization of elementary education.
The Government of Republic of India has initiated variety of schemes to achieve the goals of EFA amongst that the scheme of Operation chalkboard (OB) is that the most outstanding one. The most objectives of OB theme (1987) are as follows (MHRD, Annual Report: 1993-94).

Second a building comprising a minimum of 2 reasonably massive large rooms with a deep varandah and separate bathroom facilities for boys and girls.

Accordingly, at least 2 lecturers in each school, as way as possible one in every of them a women. Emphasis on essential teaching-learning material. As well as blackboards, maps, charts, toys and instrumentality for work expertise.

The revision of new scheme thus as to:

Provide flexibility to schools in providing teaching-learning materials relevant to their curriculum and native needs.
Again to relate the scheme with small designing so that undertaken. In order to that supply of inputs is matched by demand side interventions to market participation. Intensify coaching within the use of teaching-learning equipment’s; and extend the scheme to higher primary schools.

In addition, variety of externally funded projects and programs also are presently beneath implementation amongst that the globe Bank. While assisted District Primary Education Program is that the most outstanding one. The program that launch in forty-two districts of seven states in 1994. This is presently beneath implementation in regarding a hundred and fifty districts touch fifteen states, much less.

The most objectives of DPEP program are as follows:

Emphasizing the native space planning with district plans formulate in their own right rather than being derived from a state plan project document. Infusing greater rigor and skilled inputs not only in planning but in appraisal as well.
In addition, more focused targeting in educationally ward districts and districts wherever total literacy campaign are successful.
More focused coverage would initially concentrate on primary stage (Classes I-V and its NFE equivalent) with stress on women. Further socially deprived groups and Emphasizing capability building and networking of district, states and national level institutes. Within the fields of education management and social services to provide the resource support for the program.

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan: A Program for Universal instruction in Republic of India

After all Education Guarantee Scheme and Innovative Education & All different Schemes of elementary education In Republic of India.


all education“Free primary education is fundamental in guaranteeing everyone has access to it. However, in many developing countries, families often cannot afford to send their children to school, leaving millions of children of school-age deprived of education”

Please adopt 1 kid for Education : 

adopt 1 kid edPlease adopt 1 kid for Education. As per your convince you can support. Help us to spread Education for all. As poor families not able to afford kids tuition fees. After 24 years of work experience we want to dedicate the entire life to help these kids and do something for our Society. If possible please visit our place so our kids will get more encouragement. While they will become more confident that the world is with them. As they have lot of things in this life. However, we do not want them to suffer whole live without education. Conclusion – Our aim is to make everyone Educated and healthy. We have to teach them to take care of themselves. That is possible only with Knowledge. 


Every family wish their children to grow up to be sensible people and accountable citizens. Just as you teach your children to tie their shoes, read and write, and solve mathematics problems. Similarly, their families and the communities during which they live must guide them to develop qualities of character that are valued.

Moreover, the benefits of encouraging children’s positive character development are enormous. Analysis has shown that children who grow up with strong, positive values are happier and perform better in school. However, they are also better ready to balance their personal needs and wishes against those of others and make positive contributions to society.

Save your Society

The No kid Left behind Act, the national effort to enhance education, acknowledges that building character and learning values are necessary elements of a child’s complete education. This book is based on the larger helping your kid series of publications for parents and families, which is designed to provide parents with the most recent analysis and practical information to assist them, support their children and guarantee their children’s success in school and in life.

Lastly, people of many religions and cultures recognize the qualities of character mentioned during this in this universally. Parents from numerous backgrounds and with completely different beliefs will use info presented here.


Research indicates that children take values seriously only they see that the adults they respect act in accordance with those values. Though parents should be those to determine that values they need their children to develop, they have the assistance of the community, significantly the schools, in reinforcing those values.

Keep attempting

Being an individual of excellent character often needs having patience and sticking to something.

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