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Manifestations of hunger.

The manifestation of hunger is an absence of food within the abdomen, however, there are totally different manifestations of hunger/starvation. it’s a severe deficiency in caloric energy, nutrient, and vitamin intake. it’s the foremost extreme sort of malnutrition. In humans, prolonged starvation will cause permanent organ damage and eventually, death. It described as “state of exhaustion of the body caused by lack of food”. Free Food.

In our country, there are those who aren’t able to have even one-time food in an exceedingly day and dying with the hunger. we’ve identified more than fifty, those who aren’t getting two-time daily food, and that we have taken up this task to provide them a free food. Individuals will have their free food – Food For Everyone.

We’ve earmarked four locations in India to line up this type of free meal centers to provide free food as a hunger relief to the those who aren’t ready to get food. we tend to serve packet food or one time meal to poor and needy people.

We appeal to the general public to support us for this cause by giving us donations to avoid wasting the lifetime of all such poor peoples. Please contact us to make a contribution/donation to provide a meal/food for the poor.

Hunger Relief - Free Food

Struggling with a “serious hunger problem, India ranked 97th among 119 countries on the Index of Global Hunger (GHI). Lacking behind Bangladesh & North Korea and even besieged Iraq, but still ahead of Pakistan. The hunger problem is driven by high malnutrition child and the need for stronger commitment to the social sector.

India is world’s 2nd largest food producer, still, it is home for the second highest population of under-nourished in the world.

“Even though with the massive scale-up of national nutrition-focused programs in India. Drought and structural deficiencies have a large number of poor in India at risk.

Vijayendra Singh Founder

Chiara Taravella Strategist

Damian Barkley

Food for Hungry People

How to get free Food?

First of all, you’re going to need if you’re beginning a feeding ministry. Of course, the food and wouldn’t it’s nice if there were ways to get it at no price? Food For Everyone – YOU CAN!

Where to get Food at no cost?

It has been calculated that the maximum amount of food is thrown away. Each year with four-hundredth of that waste happening in businesses.

There are endless sources of leftovers from grocery stores, restaurants, and plenty of others places. They might be absolutely willing to offer you the food if you simply meet and explain to them what you’re doing. They’re simply planning on throwing out the food anyway. Serve Free Food. 

Therefore all you wish is to do is ask them for it before it ends up there. If you think that they’ll worry regarding legal problems or liability, skip all the way down to Legal queries.

Besides asking businesses for his or her leftovers.

Support for a Noble cause

You’ll also approach food banks or different organization who distribute food and let them know what you’re doing. We pick additional food and used it to make food for hungry people.

Cooking the Food

More likely than not your initial instinct is to prepare the meals or food at home and then to distribute them. Of course, this could be a problem in some cities. Wherever the health department needs food to be ready in a commercial kitchen. Even though we actually have access to 2 commercial kitchens.

We end up cooking for the hungry at home more often than not because it’s simply additional convenient for us. If you wish to be additional safe you’ll wear gloves once making ready food. Take care to clean your hands oftentimes yet.

Contribution – Support for a noble cause

When we think of extending a contribution/support to a noble cause, it can seem like our contribution is tiny and insignificant in comparison with the total support needed. Therefore, we do nothing. This is a common effect, which costs us a lot, as many think a small donation will have no significant effect. Free Food !!

We often make decisions, by comparison, contrasting one thing against another.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso



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