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Organic Layer farming

How to make your Organic Layer Farming more profitable thanks to Layered Agriculture and Intercropping.

Layered Farming

Layered Agriculture and Intercropping.


Intercropping Organic Layer Farming is the cultivation of more than one crop simultaneously on the same field.

Layered Agriculture is a specific intercropping strategy. Firstly, that involves planting a deep-rooted crop and use the space between rows to grow a shallow-rooted crop. This technique is extremely efficient since plants organized in different tiers will not compete on water and soil nutrients acquisition.

Instead, certain varieties grow better together. Because they respectively enrich each, other with nutrients and help in maintaining the optimal soil structure in dry climate conditions.

Layered Agriculture

– Organic Layer Farming is also an appreciated organic method of sustainable agriculture. Because of the possibility of intercropping plants. Additionally, that repel each other parasites by increasing the predator biodiversity. This is the organic way of dramatically reducing pest’s densities in the field. Moreover, the shallow-rooted crop takes the room weed s would take otherwise, diminishing the overall cost of production.

Although this strategy presents some limitations in terms of large-scale commercial agriculture. Simultaneously, it is great when implemented in farming and gardening where there is no need for large machines and chemical pesticides.

If we think about it, plants have always naturally grown next to each other, so intercropping is a model of agriculture, which more relates to nature and offers more benefits in terms of biodiversity in respect to extensive annual crop monocultures.

Intercropping –  Organic Layer Farming

Multi Layer Farmin

The Indian Government recognizes intercropping Organic Layer Farming and consequently Layered Agriculture value. Moreover, they are actually the focus of attention for the Indian Minister of Agriculture. In fact, already in August 2017 Minister Radha Mohan Singh set targets for farmers to adopt intercropping as the way to boost their income.

The government is helping farmers who adopt intercropping techniques through a series of initiatives in order to double their income by 2022.

The value of this technique is clear when we consider that stability of income and yield come just from farming diversification. Lastly, which is why intercropping is definitely a strategy that helps the farmer achieving steadily high profits.



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